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ITW Medical Brands

Coeur, Inc.

Coeur is a vertically integrated supplier of packaged sterile medical devices used in diagnostic and interventional procedures in markets worldwide. Coeur provides state-of-the-art design and contract manufacturing for the medical and commercial marketplace. In addition to manufacturing and assembling its proprietary line, Coeur offers a full complement of services ranging from design, molding, tubing extrusion, assembly, and packaging of medical devices. Coeur OEM also provides regulatory support, including 510(k) submissions and sterilization services to the medical marketplace.


  • Medical device design
  • Tooling and mold development
  • Medical injection molding and tubing extrusion
  • A full range of medical assembly and packaging capabilities
  • Sterilization
  • Regulatory support
Coeir Syringe Pack contents.


  • Sterile, packaged syringes for the injection of contrast media, pharmaceuticals, and saline during angiographic, CT, and MR procedures
  • Fluid delivery products fill syringes and inject contrast media and pharmaceuticals into a patient during an imaging procedure
  • Medical tubing and tubing assemblies
  • Dispenser coils for the protection and packaging of catheters and guide wires
Filtertek check valves.

Filtertek partners with OEM Medical Device and Life Science companies to develop highly engineered polymer consumables in medical devices. We create products in any shape or configuration, from simple components to highly complex instruments. You tell us what you need, and we use our experience in design, product development, and advanced manufacturing processes to build-to-order.


  • Expert technical polymer molding
  • Solid Works Finite Element Analysis
  • Computational Flow Dynamics
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Cross-functional collaboration from concept to commercialization
Filtertek check valves.


  • Anti-reflux check valve
  • Anti-siphon valve
  • Low opening pressure
  • High opening pressure
  • Wide range of fitments
  • Lipid-resistant materials
  • Check valve with filter
  • Custom valves

All ITW Medical Sites are Certified to the latest version of ISO13485

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